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Safety Standards

LOFT retail collections have been tested to meet Consumer Product Safety Commission safety standards.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, thousands of children under age 15 receive hospital emergency room treatment for injuries associated with bunk beds each year. Although most of these injuries are fairly minor, some prior cases have involved entrapped children that have resulted in suffocation or strangulation deaths.

At LOFT, we care about our customers' safety. Below are important bed safety items to pay attention to in order to protect your youngster:

Our Safety Warnings ...kids and bunkbeds

  • Always use two side guardrails on the upper bunk.
  • Ensure there is no gap between the lower edge of the guardrails and the upper edge of the bed frame that measures more than 3 ½ inches.
  • Make sure to properly seat all rails, (bed rails, stabilizer rails, and crossbars) before use. If not fully seated, bed could seem unstable.
  • Use only proper-sized, manufacturer-recommended mattresses to help prevent the likelihood of entrapment or falls.
  • For the top sleep surface, top surface of mattress must be at least 5 inches below the upper edge of guardrails to insure maximum safety.
  • Do not allow horseplay on or under the bed. Prohibit jumping on the bed.
  • Look for a ladder that is secured to the bed frame to ensure a child will be climbing into bed safely.
  • Always use the ladder or ladder bed end for entering and leaving the upper bunk.
  • If using a ladder, ladder must be set on a bed rail or the second rung from the top of a bed end to ensure stability.
  • Do not use substitute parts. Contact manufacturer or dealer for replacement parts.
  • The use of a night light may provide added safety precaution for a child using the upper bunk.
  • The use of water or sleep floatation mattresses is prohibited. 
  • Periodically check and insure that all components are in their proper position and are free from damage.
  • Follow the information on the warnings appearing on the upper bunk bed structure and on the carton. Do not remove the warning label from the bed.
  • STRANGULATION HAZARD - Never attach or hang items to any part of the bunk bed that are not designed for use with the bed; for example, but not limited to, hooks, belts, and jump ropes.
  • Find a bed that can be separated to form two single beds or designed in other configurations, in case a child may not be able to sleep on the top bunk, or room layouts require change.
And finally …
  • Discuss safety concerns and the proper usage of bunk beds with your children.
  • Allow only children six years or older to sleep on upper bunks.
  • Allow only one person on the upper bunk at a time.
  • Follow instructions carefully when assembling a new bunk bed.
Use only mattresses meeting the following specifications - Standard length: 74"-75", width: 37 1/2"-38 1/2". Extra long length: 79"-80", width: 37 1/2"-38 1/2". Ensure thickness of mattress foundation combined does not exceed 8" and the mattress is at least 5" below upper edge of guardrail.
LOFT Replacement parts, including additional guardrails, may be obtained from any of our LOFT dealers or by contacting LOFT directly.

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