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“We Care” Program

To provide an extended warranty program to our partners.

This program is above and beyond our regular warranty and maintenance service. Under the "We Care" warranty program, University Loft Company will provide a bi-annual inspection of your furniture by our qualified installation and repair team for a period of ten (10) years from time of delivery. These inspections can be a useful tool for your facilities department as it relates to maintenance and upkeep. Preventative maintenance is a valuable step in increasing the useful life of your housing furnishings. This program primarily targets normal wear and tear furniture usually encounters over the course of use. Our teams can be scheduled to do these inspections and repairs at mutually beneficial times for all involved.

By taking advantage of our expertise, partners will learn valuable insights into furniture upkeep and product knowledge. Eliminating costs associated with furnishing upkeep will allow your staff the ability to devote more time and resources to other activities.

The University Loft Company’s "We Care" warranty program can be purchased for 10% of the total product costs.


1 Year Warranty (Sample)
5 Year Warranty (Sample)
10 Year Warranty (Sample)